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Skittles Comes Up With an Awesome Indoor BMX Racing Game Idea

There was a video posted by BMXer McKenzie “Skittle” Gayheart using her trainer while watching one of her races on TV. While her race was playing, she rode her trainer like she was actually in the race. She was sprinting and pulling her bike up for the jumps just like she was on the track. She was even leaning and turning her bars for the turns. She used one of those rear wheel trainers which gave her the freedom to pull the bike for little wheelies and turning her bars.

As I was watching it I was thinking to myself how cool this would be if it was an actual video game! A game like this would be perfect for these days since the tracks are all closed and we’re social distancing ourselves. Imagine being able to still race people from around the world but from the comfort of your own home. Cabin fever BMX ya’ll lol! 😉

It can be done the same way as Zwift. Zwift already does this type of indoor training for road cycling and MTB where you can race people on virtual real tracks around the world. All they have to do is design a feature specific to BMX racing. They can even do the qualifying format…..Yes….BOTH qualifying formats. The possibilities are endless. Even people who don’t race BMX can get involved with this idea since the “danger” factor is reduced to nothing 😉

About Zwift:

Zwift MTB Setup & Game Play:

The video below by Shane Miller gives us some tips on how to setup Zwift for MTB and the newly released steering feature of the app.

A BMX racing Version of this would be so cool. It would be interesting to see how a jumping feature would work 😉 The ideas are endless on this concept.

Big up to Skittle for posting her video and sparking my imagination. Be sure to follow her on her official Instagram page.

What are your thoughts about this idea? Lets hear them in the comments below.

Share this article with your BMX buddies an see if we can created a demand for a BMX version of Zwift or for any game maker. We gotta do something while we’re stuck in the crib.

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