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Dr Jason Richardson Interviews Mykel Larrin

BMX racing legend Jason Richardson did a great interview with 3 x Bronze X-Games Medalist Mykel Larrin. Jason’s background in BMX is on the racing side and Mykel’s background is on the BMX Freestyle/Street side. Jason came up in BMX in the 70/80’s and Mykel’s came up in BMX in the late 90 early, 2000’s but they have so much in common.

The two BMX heavyweights chopped it up about Mykel’s upbringing and early days in BMX. It was great to see BMXers from two different BMX discipline’s and backgrounds share stories about their BMX experience. As a BMXer, Action sports or athlete in general you’ll definitely be able to relate to their stories. Big shout out to Jason for making this one happen!

Mykel Larrin:

Mykel started his X Games career in BMX Vert in 2012. He came off the Big Air alternate list to earn bronze in 2015 and picked up another bronze at XG Sydney 2018. A true double threat, Mykel’s strong vert foundation helps him to be a part of the exclusive group of people who frequently go over 20 feet on the quarter in Big Air. Larrin is one of the most charismatic athletes in BMX, beloved by his peers and fellow competitors. But, even they all know that he has his eyes set on making the podium in both BMX Vert and Big Air at XG Minneapolis 2019.

Mykel’s X Games Competition History:

X Games Minneapolis 2019BMX Vert: 3rd

X Games Minneapolis 2019BMX Big Air: 4th

X Games Shanghai 2019BMX Big Air: 4th

X Games Sydney 2018BMX Big Air: 3rd

X Games Minneapolis 2018BMX Park: 10th

X Games Minneapolis 2018BMX Vert: 6th

X Games Minneapolis 2018BMX Big Air: 4th

X Games Minneapolis 2017BMX Big Air: 6th

X Games Minneapolis 2017BMX Vert: 5th

X Games Austin 2016BMX Vert: 4th

X Games Austin 2015BMX Vert: 5th

X Games Austin 2015BMX Big Air: 3rd

X Games Austin 2014BMX Vert: 6th

X Games Barcelona 2013BMX Vert: 9th

X Games Foz do Iguacu 2013BMX Vert: 5th

X Games Los Angeles 2012BMX Vert: 8th

Follow Mykel Larrin on his Official Instagram Page

Jason Richardson:

World Champion Athlete & PanAm Games Gold Medalist | Global Keynote Speaker, Executive & Sport Performance Coach, Best-Selling Author

Delivering the ChampionshipLife! I’ve worked with some of the largest brands in Action Sports, Automotive, Fashion, Entertainment, Real Estate, Fitness/Wellness, and Construction. As an elite performer myself, I am a trusted advisor for high performing industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and athletes.

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Jason’s 1994 UCI World Championship Win

BMX UCI 1994 World Championships – Superclass Pro Cruiser Results:

1st: Jason Richardson

2nd: Jamie Staff

3rd: Dale Holmes

4th: Wade Bootes

5th: Kiyomi Waller,

6th: Bas de Bever,

7th: Dylan Clayton,

8th: Christophe Leveque

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