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Pre Social Distancing Mullaly Session

A few weeks ago back when social distancing wasn’t in effect in NYC but not shaking hands was the recommended, I stopped by Mullaly Bike Park for a session. I was on my way home from NJ after covering CABDA East.

The Mullaly Goon Squad and a few BikeLife locals were chilling at the spot. I knew it would be a while before I would get a chance to get back out there so I tried to take a bunch of photos of everybody there. I got some fun shots but some of the action shots came out blurry. Some of the blurry photos came out pretty fresh tho. Check out the gallery below.

I hope after all this Covid stuff blows over we can get back to having fun like this again.

Shout Out To:

Rob, Brendan, Casio, @da_lildude @MullalyGoonSquad @bikelife_nyc @a.worm_still @madmax @egotbloxz @bikelife_flako

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