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OG Toxic Canbot Art Toy by Czee13

Art toy designer Czee13 made this dope OG Toxic Canbot vinyl figure called Canbot. The Clutter produced figure is an exclusive colorway for Martian Toys and I’m sad to say it already sold out 🙁 . It went on sale on Martian Toys last Friday May 1st and it’s already outta here. It was only limited to 99 pieces worldwide but dam that was fast! I’m loving the HipHop flavor of this piece so I had to showcase it here….since I can’t actually own one lol 😉

Press Release:

The OG TOXIC is the second colorway of Czee13’s original vinyl Canbot design. Rusty and discarded, this toxic Rattle Can embodies the spirit of sadness and love that is intertwined in the process of making art. Sitting 5.5″ tall, and featuring the Canbot’s trademark rattle, this version is a gorgeous gunmetal

with toxic yellow and purple accents

  • 2nd Colorway Ever!
  • 5.5″ tall
  • Vinyl
  • Really Rattles!!!
  • Ed. of 99

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