How To Bunny Hop A BMX Bike (The Competition)

So Crazy Al Cayne finally made made his first How To BMX video and yep it’s a How To Bunny Hop video. BUT Crazy Al put a funny spin on his version. But with the tons of Bunny Hop,” How To” videos out there, I thought I’d add a little twist to mine. So I created a funny little competition called the Bunny Hop Face Off where three riders compete for Bunny Hop Glory. During the competition I give out some tips on how to bunny hop. You know I had to add a little comedy to it.

One of the things that’s not talked about much when it comes to bunny hops is the bike setup. A bikes top tube length, chain stay length, handlebar height and even your tire size all play a part in making a bunny hop easier or harder to do or do good. In this video I touch on those things a little bit.

This is the most editing I’ve done on a video in a while and it fun to put together. Let me know what you think and if any of the Bunny Hop instructions help you out.

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