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Sneak Peek At SE Bikes “NYC RIPPER”

Fresh off the release of Los Angeles Ripper, SE Bikes is at it again with NYC Ripper. It’s basically a Big Ripper laced with the NYC sports teams colorway!! Now I know it’s probably just inspired by the Knicks team colors but the Islanders and the Mets have those same team colors too lol šŸ˜‰

NYC is the epicenter of the Bike Life movement. It’s home to DBlocks and the Cyclesquad Maniaccs, the crew that started the whole wheelie/bike life craze so it’s only right that the NYC Ripper is one of the first in this series that got made.

nyc ripper se bikes

The spread of the colors on this bike are so dope. And I love the attention to details with the pad set, seat tires and grips. The colors and the branding are really on point. This bike is as much about style as it is about shredding.

se bikes nyc ripper padset

Now there is a photo of the full bike floating around the web but I can’t seem too find it now. But don’t worry, this bike will be dropping soon! And when they drop they’re gonna go like hot cakes! Stay tuned

Super huge shout out to Todd Lyons for all he and SE Bikes are doing for BMX!

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