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Which Ripper Do You Like Better, NYC or L.A.? BMX

The SE Bikes L.A. Ripper sold out in 15mins online and the NYC Ripper sold out in 4mins online. You already know there are a bunch of haters out there claiming the bikes are ugly. Some folks are loyal to their city, other hate on the team colors represented on these bike. Others just hate anything that SE puts out because the brand is so successful but the majority of people love the bikes. I think they’re awesome. SE Bikes is doing it right and we can’t wait to see more cities getting represented in this series.

With that being said I want to know which bike looks the best to you. The L.A. Ripper or the NYC Ripper? I thought it would be fun to put up a poll. Now I like the way both bikes look but I do have a favorite 🙂 let me know yours in the poll box above. And remember to leave your comments/smack talk in the comments below 😉

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  1. i think both look so dope but if i had to choose one it would be the LA ripper it just looks so clean i love the colours but both look so sick, keep up the good work!

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