Bunny Hop Face Off – Round 2 -The Long Jump Competition

I did another installment of my Bunny Hop Face Off skit. This time it’s a Long Jump competition. I brought back the crazy host Teddy Hops and Danny Dead Sailor plus I added special guest host, Don Radical.

This episode took me a long time to put together between filming and editing but I like the way it came out. It’s been fun putting these together and getting back to my comedy roots.

I used a different line up of bikes than on the previous episode. I have the 2019 Mongoose Title Elite Pro, the 24″ Sugar Cayne frame and my 2003 Specialized Vegas 24″. 🙂


For Round #2 of the Bunny Hop Face Off, the competitors will be battling for Long Jump supremacy. Three riders go face to face to see who can hop as far as they can within a restricted area.. The twist is they have to clear the space between two height bars without knocking them down. The riders competing in this event are Vitamin BMX, Crazy Al Cayne and Larry Leaper. Lets find out who wins.

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