Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes “Tidal Wave” Chill Vibes On This One

New gem by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes called Tidal Wave. I love the visuals, the vibes and lyrics. Yes the world is definitely in the middle of a tidal wave these days 🙁 . Tidal Wave is featured on the album “What Kinda Music” which is full of gems treats like this.


Everybody knows inside that this won’t stop
The rain comin’ down tonight, we just watch
I know it’s too late, I had so much I wanna say
I’ll just have to waitEverybody knows we’re done as the lights go off
Had all the time in the world and now it’s lost
The sky is blood red, it’s the last time you’ll reach across
Slippin’ awayChaos
Growin’ midnight like a tidal wave
Fillin’ up your eyes as the water takes the stageEverybody knows inside that we had it good
Good things don’t last like we thought they would
I’ve got a front seat, watch it unfold in front of me
It’s only the endGoodnight
Over, but it’s not the way I’d choose
Me or you, uhChaos
Growin’ midnight like a tidal wave
Fillin’ up your eyes as the water takes the stage


Directed by Jack Brown
Co Designed by Jeff Östberg
Animation by:
Jack Brown
Ala Nunu Leszynska
Nanda Ormond
Guarav Wakankar
Chloé Mainge
Freddie Griffiths
Martin Robic
Caitlin Young

Song credits:

Produced by Tom Misch
Executive Production by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
Mixed by Russell Elevado & Tom Misch
Recorded & Engineered at Unwound Studios by Syed Adam Jaffrey
Vocals, Guitar & Synth by Tom Misch
Drums & Percussion by Yussef Dayes
Bass by Rocco Palladino
Backing Vocals by Joel Culpepper
Written by Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes, Francis Anthony White & Rocco Palladino

Taken from the album “What Kinda Music” which is out now on Beyond The Groove / Blue Note Records

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