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JT Racing Makes DBlocks “Miami Vice” BMX Jersey

The homie Dblocks linked up with the legendary JT Racing for a Miami inspired new race jersey! This fresh jersey came out around the same time that the popular Miami Ripper by SE Bikes dropped. The jersey features the same colorway as the Miami Ripper with a mix of pink, sky blue, white. It’s only right that they dubbed this the Miami Vice edition

JT racing dblocks miami vice jersey

Press Release:

SPECIAL COLLECTION: Since 1969, JT Racing has been all about the “Freedom to Ride”. Through this freedom, millions of riders worldwide developed their own style, defied the conventional norms on how to ride and became Rock Stars in their communities and amongst their peers. No rider epitomizes this better than the world famous,  @RRdBlocks

dblocks, miami ripper, jt racing
DBlocks with the Miami Vice JT Racing Jersey and the Miami Ripper.

You can get the Miami Vice Dblocks Jersey now on JTRacingUSA.com for $50

Super huge shout out to DBlock on all his success and love he’s been getting. Well deserved bro!!

jt racing dblocks jersey

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