Brad Simms Wins 2020 Nora Cup Rider Of The Year!!

BMX Pro Brad Simms has been killing it this year with his insane, creative clips on his Instagram page! Dude can make a line out of anything, he is hands down Boss Level status when it comes to technical BMX tricks. He’s been posting up mind blowing tricks and combos daily and it all lead to him winning the 2020 Nora Cup Rider Of The Year! CONGRATS AND SALUTE TO BRAD SIMMS!!

While every other category is voted on by pro and ex-pro riders, the Reader’s Choice Rider Of The Year Award is voted on by you guys and is meant to be a straight-up “this dude f****** killed it this year” award. And damn, ya’ll got it right. No denying that Brad made it happen this year.

It’s no short feat to be nominated, so want to give a shout out to Dan Kruk, Felix Prangenberg, Max Miller, and Nathan Williams. I also have to thank the following brands for supporting/allowing NORA Cup to happen… Monster Energy, Vans Shoes, Vero, Source BMX, Profile Racing, Mongoose Bikes, Kink BMX, Subrosa, Stolen, Odyssey, Cult, Snafu, Haro Bikes, ODI Grips, Eclat, Sunday Bikes, GT BMX, Cinema, Colony, Pumped BMX’s Trail Boss, Bell Helmets, Shadow Conspiracy, Hyper Bike Co, and Eighties BMX.

~Our BMX

About Nora Cup:

The Number One Rider Award was created in 1979 by BMX Action Magazine. Originally focused on racing, NORA Cup had just two categories (rider and team) but it quickly became the most prestigious award in BMX. In 1985, Freestylin’ Magazine introduced most popular freestyle rider, team, and bike categories. The NORA Cup awards ended in 1991 when the publisher of both magazines (Wizard Publications) went out of business. In 1997, Ride BMX and Snap Magazine resurrected NORA Cup and continued until Ride BMX was shuttered in early 2019. The former employees of Ride created Our BMX and continued the NORA Cup tradition…

Follow Brad Simms on his official Instagram page for a daily does of Dopeness!!

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