Homeboy Sandman – Stress (prod. Quelle Chris) | Official Video

One of the things I love about Homeboy Sandman is his knack for making dope conceptual HipHop songs. His latest single “Stress” is a perfect example of that. The message in this one is basically don’t let stress kill ya. 😉

A lot of people suffer from stress now more than ever due to the crazy current events in the world these days. People also like to stress small things that they don’t have to. There’s so many levels of stress and like how Sandman pointed out a lot of them. I’m glad that HS touched on this topic.

Stress is a way to make yourself sick

I try to never get stressed, while I exist

So if you feel the need to shout then shout loud

Don’t try to hold your stress in, you’ll get stressed out

~Homeboy Sandman

Big props to Musashi Xero who wrote and directed the concept of the video and salute to Quelle Chris on the beat. The creative juices were flowing by everybody involved on this joint. THIS IS HIPHOP!!

Let us know what you think about this song and also name any other popular HipHop songs that talk about stress in the comments below?

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