BMX Work Out #3, Sprints Manuals x Curb Jumps

I’ve been slowly getting myself back in shape this year by riding my bike more. Last year I did a lot of digging at the trails but I didn’t do much long distance and sprint riding. Now that that weather is getting better I’ve been out riding almost every day. I’ve been mostly doing sprints and manuals to build my strength, stamina and balance. And of course I have to have some fun in the process.

This is my third video featuring quick clips of my rides so I decided to give this series of clips a name, “BMX Work Out” lol! In this clip I continues to practice my sprints, manuals and a little jumping. I even hit up the skatepark for a few runs. I wound up doing 22+ miles on this ride so I felt pretty good about that. All this riding in the streets and park are how I condition myself for my eventual return to the BMX track. I’m planning on hitting up a few races this year. Stay tuned.

Below are the previous two videos I made.

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