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Vans x SE Bikes Big Ripper, Blocks Flyer, PK Ripper Coming Soon

Vans and SE Bikes, two of the most iconic brands in BMX come together for an epic collaboration! The Vans x SE Bikes collection mixes fashion and BMX in harmonious, color coordinated DOPENESS!! Over the past 3 days SE Bikes was lighting up their Instagram page with several photos of the bikes that will be going with the sneakers and apparel.

VANS PK Ripper

vans PK ripper, perry kramer
The man, the myth, the legend! That’s the “PK” of the “PK Ripper”, Perry Kramer. Perry first raced the PK Ripper back in 1979. And three years before that, he started wearing Vans in 1976. So it’s fitting now that 40+ years later, Perry can ride a Vans PK Ripper laced up in PK Ripper Vans! Vans x SE Bikes. Such an awesome collab! ~SE Bikes

VANS Blocks FLyer

blocks flyer vans se bikes
BOOM! There it is! The limited edition Vans Blocks Flyer. An ultimate Vans X SE Bikes collaboration that brings together two originators of the game. This awesome bike will be released this summer. The shoes are dropping this Friday (April 16). Who’s getting the shoes? Who’s getting the bike? Who’s getting BOTH!? ~SE Bikes

VANS Big Ripper

vans big ripper, steve van doren
If you know anything about Vans, you know who this guy is: Vans’ Steve Van Doren. Steve has been a staple at Vans for decades. If you’ve ever been to a Vans event, most likely he was there. Steve is everywhere. And, of course, he was at Vans headquarters to check out the world’s first Vans Big Ripper! This rad bike will be available this summer. Who’s ready!? ~SE Bikes

You know when these bikes drop they’re gonna go like hot cakes so be ready!

vans se bikes sneaker collection

Follow SE Bikes Instagram page for all the details!!

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