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YellowCat ‘SNAP’ BMX Starting System For Faststart Gate

I have a FreshPark Faststart gate and I love it but I really want a portable gate that simulates an actual BMX starting gate. I found out about this starting system called “The Snap” that I can attach to Faststart gate and it’s pretty awesome!

The Snap is an electromagnet gate and light system that you just bolt onto the Faststart or any Stumpy gate. It’s engineered with a specially built hinged magnet to create a greater holding force than traditional “L” brackets. it’s also safer that the “L” bracket systems. “The Light” is a push button remote, random cadence, UCI compliant light system which is the same cadence that all the BMX tracks use. They even have an option to run two gates together. I gotta get one of these!!

The Light and The Snap! The best way to turn any stumpy gate, like the FreshPark system, into a real Lights and release system! 100% reliable, drops EVERY time. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on over built “pro” systems that are overly complicated to set up ( no noisy air compressor needed ). Keep your money at home with this all USA built system. All wired system means 100% reliability. No app to update, no wifi signal to be lost. Works EVERY time. GUARENTEED! Buy a Freshpark agate and add our system and start winning!

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