colony wallwork bmx seat

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Colony BMX Wallwork Pivotal Seat Is Dope!

I’m digging the new Colony Jake Wallwork pivotal BMX seat!! The brown colorway and diamond stitching give this seat an elegant look. The rear of the seat has an interesting brown tie-dye pattern on a white fabric. It’s a cool contrast to the darker brown colors. Other features on the seat are the Colony pip label, Wallwork embroidered logo on the rear and the grippier side fabric.

Colony Jake Wallwork pivotal bmx seat


  • Colony pip label
  • Rear timber pattern that ties in with Jake’s trade of being a carpenter
  • Rear Wallwork embroidered logo
  • Extra grippy side fabric
  • Pivotal seat technology.
  • Weight: 13.0 oz or 368 grams.

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