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BMX Racing Over 40: Mixing Up The Age Groups To Make A Class

I got some BMX racing action at Shoreham‘s last Sunday race of 2021 until the fall. The turnout was pretty light so there were a few riders that didn’t have class. So they got mixed in with either older riders, younger riders or in a different proficiency to make a class. For example, Harley Kelly(38 years old), Keira Amaris(14) and Mike Amaris(17) got put in the same cruiser class.

There were also a few total point motos. That happens when there’s only 3 riders competing against each other. In total point racing every round counts and the rider with the lowest points wins

In this episode I started I posting some of the riders current district rank. It’ll be a cool thing to keep track of some of our regularly featured riders local standings. Stay tuned for more

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40& Over Results:

District / 26-35 Expert / Expert

District / 36-40 Novice / Novice


District / 41-45 Cruiser / Cruiser

District / 41-45 Intermediate / Inter

District / 46-50 Novice / Novice

Photo Gallery:

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