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Actor Channing Tatum Is Also A BMXer

Actor Channing Tatum was recently in the news when he was spotted with Zoe Kravitz in NYC on a BMX bike. Rumors of them dating started flying around of course but we’re more interested in the BMX part ๐Ÿ™‚

The photos of the bike Tatum was riding with Zoe was nothing to write home about. It looked like a generic Walmart bike but hey he was on a BMX bike. Maybe it’s a prop bike for the movie they’re working on?

zoe kravitz channing tatum bmxer
Zoe Kravitz & Channing Tatum BMX, Photo by

There’s even a quick clip of Channing riding over the Williamsburg Bridge on what we assume is his BMX bike.

But it looks like he stepped up and got better BMX bike. In his latest Instagram post his new bike looks legit.

channing tatum new bmx bike
“Pro tip: bmx bikes fit into elevators really easy in NY. Also her name is Khaki. Sheโ€™s a rider.” ~Channing Tatum

We’re not sure if he’s gonna be trying to do tricks any time soon but we’re hyped that he’s choosing a BMX for his commuter. But don’t sleep on Channing. He does ride motocross so maybe we may see him at the BMX tracks next??

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