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Supercross BMX’s Vision F1 Carbon Frame Is Sick

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, Supercross BMX comes with superior carbon BMX race frame called the Vision F1! This frame is full of cool features and options. Lets start with the frame. It features a monocoque construction AKA “One-Piece” construction. The frame and fork are each constructed of a uniform piece of high modulus carbon fiber. Torray T1100-KS is used for the frame and T700S Nano Alloy Resin for the Forks. There are no joints, no welds, no bonding areas on this frame and fork!

Every VISION F1 accepts 120mm Disc Brake rotors AND all V-Braking systems. Both mounting systems are fully removable, ensuring proper clearance while producing the cleanest look.

supercross bmx vision f1 frame and fork
This package includes the VISION F1 frame, Carbon fiber fork, Speedline headset, adapters

2 Disc Brake Mounts are included with the Chassis Kit. One for all Shimano® Hydraulic Disc Systems utilizing the lower mounting and routing systems ensuring the caliper is protected from damage. The second adapter is for mechanical calipers and uses the upper cable routing. Both systems are fully captive on the axle and locked into the frame. 

~Supercross BMX
Red Supercross BMX Vision f1

There are so many more features on this frame to drool over. Visit for more details.

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  1. Sure is nice, if I didn’t have 2 custom frames on the way, I’d buy one for sure. Spendy for sure, but with the various braking options and fork, not too bad. (Well, still expensive)

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