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BMX Olympian Kye Whyte Attends GQ Awards

Kye Whyte has been doing big things ever since earned Great Britain’s first BMX racing Olympic medal with silver at the Tokyo Games. The 21-year-old has been on several TV shows, radio shows and podcast. He even became Britain’s BMX National Champion in between all of that!

All that hard work and achievement earned him an invite to the 24th GQ Awards where he mingled with the biggest names in sports and entertainment! Team GB and ParalympicsGB won the Jaguar Outstanding Achievement award during the event! Kye and fellow team members were invited to attend and accept their awards. This is big!!

GQ Awards, Jaguar Outstanding Achievement: Team GB & ParalympicsGB

And huge shout out to CK FLASH for all work he put in to his BMX program at Peckham BMX.

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