D. Rymz – Wordsmith – HipHop Lyric Video

Wordsmith is the first single from emcee and comic book creator D. Rymz for 2021 off the upcoming EP D. Rymz’s Words Sword. Rymz delivers on his brand of conscious but raw hip-hop dubbed “Believer Hop”. The beat is crafted by Be Frankly and the cuts were done by Domtoer.


Unseen, what I’m able, perch the gun on
The periodic table is what the verse is done on
When I start to inverse, what the earth is spun on
Comp run in reverse, not enough earth to run on

Believe me, men tried, I end pride
I out rhyme any rhyme out, from the inside
Synonyms deliver, and than bless this vibe
Swimming in the river, where my ancestors cried

To feel the pain, and anguish, slight languish
Bitter spark, that lit up the dark, with light language
Yonkers was popping, with the nonsense
Had to interface with the inner faith, conquering the conference

Options with the conscious
A divine navigation that is only accomplished, with a compass
Know where I’m going, conscience, not tough
Even when leaving I say hi, Im not with no bi-stuff

Your squad is a mess, I’m not as impressed
Knowledge is stressed, uncommon my text
Send rhymers, your best, who confess
Rather me pull a pen out, up out of a grenade than up out of a desk

Shake a blessing, ain’t goanna miss em
It might take a lesson for the faithful to listen
The Image of the maker, cant take in to the system
Couldn’t recognize the face with facial recognition 

This food for thought, basics of nutrition
Off of the mind plate, you taste it in the wisdom
Portions bind weight, where stronger minds ate
Starve the mind, that’s how they force the crime rate

Looking from behind, the sinister what you find
Elevate the consciousness,  giving you your new mind
So keep the kool aid, the sentient is too brine
With hand picked grapes, I”ll administer the new wine


The mind hears truth, that’s obserd
I say, I got you, that’s it, that’s my word
The wordsmith drop gems, crack the curb
I live what I speak, that’s it, that’s my word

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