BMX Finally Added To Riders Republic And It’s Epic!

Riders Republic is thee best action sports video game ever and it just got better with the addition of BMX!! Yep Riders Republic Season 4 will now include BMX street and it’s packed with lots of locations, bikes and customizations! It features all the modern day tricks and they look hella realistic.You get to choose from three bike types, street, dirt or fat boy/mini bike. The street and trail bikes actually have a few tricks that you can only do on them. Like the trail bike has a few trail style tricks you can only do on it. Now I really have to get me a PS5!

Shout out the congrats to Vans, Fly Bikes, We The People and Cult Crew on being the featured sponsors on the game!! That’s BIG!!

The game will be avaiable to the public tomorrow 9/14/2022

Press Release:

It’s time, Riders! BMX is finally coming to the Republic! Tune in on 14th September to enjoy the first new sport since the launch of the game. Get ready to grind on some rails or ramp up on some half-pipes! New disciplines are also coming to the game, including street, dirt and park, along with a whole new zone: Area 52.

Below Is A Preview:

Now they just need to add BMX racing on the next update!

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