USA BMX Adds MTB Specific Race Classes This Season!!!

The 2023 BMX Racing season will hopefully see and increase of MTB participation with the addition of MTB specific classes! Mountaian Bikes have always been welcome at BMX races in the cruiser class but now for the first time there will be classes exclusivly for them. The BMX sanction added a MTB class and a DJ (hard tail/front suspension) class. This will give MTBers more opportunities to compete and chase points while being closer to home and saving money on a lift ticket. This will also help MTBers with no BMX background, develop some much needed skills that only a BMX track brings.

Press Release:

USA BMX and BMX Canada are launching five (5) new classes for Mountain Bikes. Starting on May 1st, 2023, these classes will be available at sanctioned BMX tracks across the US & Canada with the launch of a sanction-driven summer series for Mountain Bikes.

The five classes include an all-inclusive MTB Dirt Jumper class and four age-category classes for traditional MTBs. The series will point and rank riders from May 1st to August 31st in 2023. The classifications will follow the popular USA BMX district points, and riders will accumulate points towards their assigned district at each race they participate in.  There will be a special award for the winner in each district for both the Dirt Jumper and Mountain Bike categories. 

During the week of April 22nd-29th, 2023, USA BMX tracks are encouraged to host an open house specifically for MTB riders.

We are excited to launch this programming and gain feedback to create the highest quality programming for BMX tracks regardless of the wheel size!   We continue to look for opportunities within the sport of BMX that allow for additional utilization of BMX tracks.  The demand for usage by Mountain Bikes has hit tracks nationwide, and we are happy to welcome new families to the track.

Moutain Bike Summer Series Flyer


What does this mean for BMXers?

It means you’ll have two additional classes you can choose to race on any given weekend (Class, cruiser, open, MTB, DJ). That’s gonna take up a lot more bike rack space especially if the whole family races. And with that said, will this mean more BMXers will start bringing their DJ’s instead of their 24″ to race cruiser and MTB classes? It’s looking like my beloved 24″ bikes might wind up getting a raw deal in all this. Also, what does that mean for the 20″ full suspension BMX bikes being developed by Fingers Crossed and We The People? Only time will tell.

In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing my MTB brothers and sisters out there getting busy on the BMX tracks. It’s gonna be a fun season!

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