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4NIX Is Now Making Chromoly Atome BMX Frames!

4nix chromoly 24 in bmx cruiser

French BMX brand 4NIX has been making waves in the BMX racing scene since they came out with their sick aluminum “Atome” frames. They recently expanded their line to include chromoly frames! We did a feature of their prototype chromoly frame last year and now it’s official!! What I love most about the 4NIX chromoly line is that they come with that same unique looking, rear dropout found on their race frames! It really makes these frames stand out from most of the other chromoly BMX frames on the market.

Press Release:

Here is the 4NIX Atome-R, why “R”, because it is a frame with REYNOLDS 525 tubes! This frame was proposed by 4nix with the aim of offering a versatile frame to riders! it can do park, dirt, pump track, or even a race frame like the photo here in 24”



The 4NIX chromoly frames take their geometry from the Aluminum frames and is available in several 20in and 24in sizes:

  • PRO 20.5” > 520mm
  • PRO XL 21” > 533mm
  • PRO 2XL 21.50” > 546mm
  • PRO 3XL 22” > 559mm

The 20inch frames come in chrome and the 24inch comes in a RAW colorway. But they can be custom painted all this for the same price !!!

Follow 4NIX on their Official Instagram Page


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