South Africa To Host 2024 UCI Pump Track Worlds Finals

Kwamashu Pump Track South Africa

The 2024 UCI Pump Track World Championship finals are going down in KwaMashu, South Africa!! The vibrant township in Durban, gears up to host the Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships Finals on 9th November 2024. This annual event is the pinnacle of the pump track competition season. It brings together the world’s top riders from all of this year’s qualifiers to compete for pump track supremacy. 

KwaMashu, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and spirited community, is poised to welcome athletes and fans from around the globe. This dynamic township, a symbol of resilience and unity, promises an unforgettable backdrop for this year’s championships.

The 2024 Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships will also highlight the impactful work of Pump for Peace and the Go Durban Cycle Academy in Durban.

Pump for Peace, a global initiative by Velosolutions, aims to promote cycling in underprivileged communities, fostering a love for cycling and promoting social cohesion by providing safe spaces for young people to engage in sports.

The Go Durban Cycle Academy, established in 2016, plays a crucial role in this effort by nurturing young cycling talent and promoting active lifestyles among children and young adults in Durban’s townships. Offering free cycling training and educational programs, the academy has become a cornerstone for community development. Bike parks in eNanda, KwaDabeka, Cornubia, Chesterville, and KwaMashu, developed in partnership with Velosolutions and Pump for Peace, serve as vibrant hubs for these activities, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Our aim is to make cycling accessible to underprivileged communities through our non-profit, Pump for Peace. We have hosted qualifiers on Pump for Peace tracks over the years, and now, for the first time, we are excited to hold the Finals on one of these tracks. Velosolutions, Pump for Peace, and Go!Durban will expand to other Pump for Peace tracks across various townships in Durban for a local Township Series. Additionally, we are organizing transportation for all qualified riders from Lesotho to ensure their participation in the largest race of 2024!

~Claudio Caluori (Velosolutions)

The 2024 series has seen qualifiers held in breathtaking locations worldwide, from Genk, Belgium, to the scenic landscapes of Havelock North, New Zealand, and the vibrant streets of Yantai, China. Now, the best riders from these global qualifiers will converge in KwaMashu, making it the ultimate battleground for this year’s competition.

Explore the lively spirit of KwaMashu during the Velosolutions UCI Pump Track World Championships, where thrilling pump track racing merges with opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture, savor traditional cuisine, and experience the warmth of the community. As Durban solidifies its reputation as a premier destination for international sporting events, these championships in KwaMashu promise to shine on the global cycling calendar. Don’t miss the chance to witness the world’s best riders compete in one of Durban’s most dynamic townships, celebrating international camaraderie, skill, and the electrifying world of pump track racing.

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I can’t wait to see this year’s finals!


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