“Vagisil Cream” A Parody Of “Peaches And Cream” by 112(My first parody video)

This is my first parody video, it’s a parody of R&B group 112’s song “Peaches And Cream”. I came up with the idea for the song from my cousin Manny. We were in his car just buggin out flippin songs and then he came up with Vagisil Cream and I was like “That’s It”!!! lol! The rest was easy, I wrote the lyrics to the song that night. Big up to cousin Manny for coming up with that.

It’s one of my best known parody songs, it got played on a bunch of radio stations. Star & Buc Wild gave it major rotation when they were on Hot97. It also was played in ATL on CoCo Brothers show back in the day and LA radio personality Big Boy played it on his morning show. It’s also one of the songs that I perform whenever I do my live shows. I can’t forget to give a big big shout out to Bobby Simmons for being the first video show to air my “Vagisil Cream” video.

Video Directed by: Michael “Boogie” Pinckney

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