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Sandflower Dyson At Afropunk

I got to interview Musician/Actress/Model/Host of Afropunk SandFlower Dyson at the big wrap up party on Clinton Ave in BK. Sandflower was holding it down all week at Afropunk hosting and performing at the event. Check out the interview!

Here’s a little more background on Sandflower

Hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn and daughter of rock
Goddess Dk Dyson (original lead singer of Living Colour, Eye and I, original writer of Madonna’s “Dress You Up In My Love”, and co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition) Sandflower is out to break barriers. This chick writes her own songs, plays the bass and keys, and creates her stage show with spunky individuality. She’s got a sass and fire influenced by a range of artists from Cindi Lauper to the Jackson 5. But what does the name Sandflower mean? It means you’ve got to bloom where you are planted and persevere no matter what the odds. In an era dominated by cynical, pre-packaged, mall tested, celeb-utantes Sandflower brings a refreshing originality.

CLICK HERE To find out more about Sandflower Dyson

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