2009 NBL Grands, BMX
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BMX: Look Away And Fun Pictures From The 2009 NBL Grands (247 Photos)

2009 NBL Grands, BMX

Yoooooooooo wassup ya’ll!! This years Grands was crazy fun!!!!  The weather was great, my new Hyper was riding great(Thanks Judd and Tom), my chain didn’t pop off like last year lol, I didn’t fall, my womans allergies weren’t bothering her that much so she didn’t need to wear a mask like last year lol, the track was great even though I wasn’t jumping that much lol, The Beymont Hotel was really nice even though on Saturday night there was a soccor game on and the people in Room 309 were making crazy noise cheering and stomping around after midnight so I couldn’t sleep, I met some really cool people and did some good interviews but didn’t get as many interviews as I would’ve liked, Filmed a lot of racing but I didn’t get any of the first 10-12 motos because I had to race my mot0 lol(Go211.com Has all the racing coverage), I didn’t get that many pro interviews or pictures(I wasn’t on my CAC-TV A game this weekend) but I have 7  tapes of video footage to edit, I found out the Dale Holmes watches my show, I still don’t know how I was able to drive stright to KY from NY(12+hours) after working a full day on the job and finally I took a lot of random pictures!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone who came up to me and told me how much they like what I’m doing with the site, It means a lot to me and keeps me grinding away to bring you more stuff!!! Next stop is Woodward see you there!!

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Hanging Out With The Pros On the Starting Hill At Southpark

Nathan Strieby(35-40ex) At The 2009 NBL Grands