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Eric Cooper And Blair Smith Talk About The Comic Book Knight Seeker At ECBACC

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Eric Cooper And Blair Smith gave me the update with the Graffic Novel Knight Seeker at ECBACC(East Coast Black Age Of Comic Con). I also asked them about their opinion of some of the comic book based movies. Check it  out!

(Superhero Fantasy Text Novel, Not A Graphic Novel) This is the first story of a very unique and different style of super hero. Nygel Spinner lived a normal life as a college student, until one fateful night he became something more than human. With advanced technology and superhuman abilities he suddenly became the ultimate hunter. As Nygel tries to balance his normal life with the dangers of being Knight Seeker, evil forces are at work attempting to dominate the world of the living. Join Knight Seeker as he battles Warlord Sage, a demon bent on opening the gates of hell and unleashing doom for all mankind. –

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