Crazy Al Cayne Hyper Bicycles
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PHOTOS: Riding At Cunningham Park Trails, Queens NY

Crazy Al Cayne Hyper Bicycles

I got to ride Cunningham Park Trails with my boy Dan over the weekend and it was alotta fun 4sho!! Cunningham park is dope, they have tons of MTB trails and 3 different “BMX” friendly sections. The first section that we always hit is 10 pack set on the east side of the park. We sessioned there for a while and we even ran into Long Island BMX Legend Steve Boyle, I took a bunch of pictures in that section. Then me Dan went over to the pump track section which was done over since the last time we came and it was looking nice and it was real smooth. You can actually do laps around the pump track but it wore me out after a lap and a half lol. I need to come back there if I really wanna get back in shape. Then we went to the downhill section which was looking nice. The second berm was a lil weird so I could get through the last straight but Dan was flowing through the set smooth as silk. Check out the pics!

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