Spittin In da WIp top 10 as of 12.31.11

Top 10 SIDW MC’s As Of 12.31.11

Spittin In da WIp top 10 as of 12.31.11

Happy New Years Eve ya’ll, here’s the Top 10 Spittin In Da Wip MC’s as of 12.31.11!
Nothing changed with the top 5 MC’s in the list #1 goes to K.Spark who’s been the top MC for a few weeks now, coming in at #2 is Soul Khan, #3 Astronomical Kid, Hired Gun still at #4 and Nitty Scott MC At #5. Things change up a little at #6 with Albert Rhymestein moving up to the 6th position and bumping Signif down to #9, #7 goes to Fish Grease who moved up from #8 last week, Iron Solomon moves up from #9 to #8 and Garvey rounds out the list at #10. Have a happy new year!!!

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