How to Roll A Blunt For Dummies
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How To Roll A Blunt For Dummies The Book

How to Roll A Blunt For DummiesWe caught up with Harlem film maker and writer Rashawn Prince (@rashawnprince) creator of the book “How To Roll A Blunt For Dummies” at the 2011 New York Comic Con. For all you weed heads that suck at rolling a blunt, this book is for you. Below is a description of the the book;

How to Roll a Blunt foe Dummies! is a nut and bolts guide on how to roll a blunt…for dummies! If you ever wondered how to crack a blunt with your fingers or agonized over the correct amount of tokes to takes from a blunt while participating in a session ….then this book is for you. By exploring the subculture of weed smoking in this country we demystify the intricate world of rolling and smoking blunts. Once you finish reading How To Roll A Blunt For Dummies! you might never be able to pass a drug test again! Plus it’s only book with a designated area to break down your weed.

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