Roadie tricks

Road Bikes Doing BMX Tricks?? You Gotta See This!

Roadie tricksNow I’ve seen it all!! Roadies doing BMX tricks??? And I don’t mean flatland tricks on a fixie, I’m talking about Tail taps, drop ins, dirt jumping, 360’s, manuels etc, done on a bike built for Lance Armstrong to race in the Tour De Fance!!!! I don’t know what kind of rims those guys are using in the video but I didn’t know they made rims that tough for roadies. I was watching this video in shock, some of the stuff they was doing on those bikes was really dope like jumping a decent sized table top and jumping off ledges. I’m amped to go out and ride 4sho! Things are getting really interesting with how the BMX style of riding is being incorporated in the other two wheel sport but they all better pay their respects to 20 inch BMXing!

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