City Of Walls, Comic Book

City Of Walls, Comic Book

C.Truth (@ThermalSoundWav) got to interview the guys behind the comic book City Of Walls at the 2011 New York Comic Con
Peep the description of the Comic:
“City of Walls follows the story of three kids growing up in Kowloon City. Originally a military base, Kowloon is a completely internalized city. It was built on an oasis in the desert allowing it to maintain its isolation and complete independence from the outside world. The city itself exists within the walls of its many conjoined buildings. Its social system is one of economic segregation. The bulk of the city remains working class or poor. Its citizens are kept in line and provided for by the Triads and Nobles. The Nobles and highest ranking Triads live in the one part of the city that resembles a modern day metropolis. We learn the city through the eyes and experiences of Ariana, Daniel and Jin. Three children who meet and become friends in this extreme and often surreal environment. A place where Triad word is law and the only way for most people to move up in life is by joining up. A city where florescent lights determine where you go or don’t go. Where day and night are more like passing concepts then applied facts. A city where the easiest and sometimes the only way to see the sky is by going on the roof.”
City Of Walls, Comic Book

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