boondocks-trails, Long Island
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BMX: Boondocks Trails Are Off The Chain!!! (720 Photos)

boondocks-trails, Long Island

Me and Dan Clifford went to the Boondocks trails for the bike jam they had on Sunday. These trails are insane the riders here are amazing and really cool. What I really liked about the trails is they had something for all levels of riding not to mention a dope fireplace, tent and generator, It’s was also great to see some old friends and meet some new riders too, it was good vibes all day. I took a ton of pictures while I was there(Video coming soon) so you’ll get a good Idea of what the place looks like. A lot of the pictures are sequence shots…..some might be out of order but most will be correct. We gotta go back again this year 4sho, we had a great time!!!


[nggallery id=58]


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