crazy al cayne, allyssa chic, Spittin In Da WIp
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Allyssa Chic (@AllyssaChic) On Spittin In Da Wip #HipHop

On this episode of Spittin In Da Wip, Miami emcee Allyssa Chic spits fire in Da Wip. This was another dope episode from the special Spittin In Da(Convertable) Wip series that we shot down at the A3C HipHop Festial in Atlanta GA. Make sure you rate this episode, all Allyssa needs is 30 unique visitors to rate this episode in order for her to be eligible to appear on the Spittin In Da Wip top 50 Charts.
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Big shout out to my dudes Tru Self and Napoleon Da Legend for helping out with the production of this episode!!

crazy al cayne, allyssa chic, Spittin In Da WIp


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  1. Tru Self was on the Nascar too sun, people complain I speed. She had the crazy Pomp and circumstance Janelle Monae special going on with the hair bananas Lol. She did her thing though, I have to take away points for the hesitation loss of focus and not finishing the beat. We need to do the SIDW finals next year, really get serious with it.

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