final outlaw, blacklisted

Final Outlaw (@FinalOutlaw) -Blacklisted- #HipHop

#SpittinInDaWip ..errr I mean Spittin In Da Train alumni Final Outlaw just dropped some new fire called “Blacklisted”! Now Final Outlaw got bars for days and he delivers on this joint 4sho! And that beat produced by Meccanobravado is super hard body..I’ve only head this song in my headphones as I’m typing this but I can imagine how big this track must sound on a real system. Although this is just a promo video, I really like the way it was shot with the super fisheye lens..nice!
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final outlaw, blacklisted

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final outlaw theory, FO

@FinalOutlaw -FinaL OutlaW Theory #HipHop