Shinbone, Urban Vinyl Rhino
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Shinbone (@shinbonetweet) Urban Vinyl Cute Rhino #VinylToy

Shinbone, Urban Vinyl Rhino
I saw this really dope Urban Rhino vinyl toy created by Shinbone Creative and had to share it with ya’ll! This toy would be a dope addition for any Urban/HipHop toy collector set. The hoodie added a nice touch for that HipHop flava 4sho! Below is a description on the Urban Vunyl Cute Rhino via the Shinbone Creative website:

A cute but street savvy rhino character study done as an urban vinyl toy. Created as a digital illustration, sculpted in 3D, and ready to be rapid-prototyped for production and manufacturing. We look up to all the legendary designers such as Tristan Eaton and Jeremy Madl and all the hard work they’ve done for Kid Robot. We hope to one day join their ranks.

I think it’s Kid Robot worthy 4sho!

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