S&M H.A.F. BMX 5
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Mike M. Does A Quick Bike Check Of His Vintage S&M BMX Bikes

Mike M won awards at the Old Guys On dirt Day Vintage Bike show at Egg Harbor EHTBMX! Mike had a very rare S&M K-9 and mid school S&M H.A.F. In this clip I got Mike to do a quick bike check for BMXHOOD, check it out!
S&M H.A.F. BMX 5
S&M H.A.F. BMX 3


S&M K-9, BMX 7

S&M K-9, BMX 6

S&M K-9, BMX 5

S&M K-9, BMX 4

S&M K-9, BMX 3

S&M K-9, BMX 2

S&M K-9, BMX

S&M H.A.F. BMX 4

S&M H.A.F. BMX 5

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