jeff upshaw

A Pro Semis At Southpark, Jeff Upshaw Turns It Up On A Muddy Pro Set

Day 2 at the Stars N Stripes Nationals got real crazy when it started to rain on the track! We had a down pour from the semis all the way through the mains. After a bunch of discussion the A Pro’s were allowed to race their semis and the big question on everyone’s mind was are the pros gonna hit the pro set? Well when the first pro semi hit the track Jeff Upshaw set the stage as the first pro to hit wet pro set and the crowed went CRAZY!!! Next up Phil Delizia was in first and hit the pro set too, It was great day of BMXing real. I shot this whole clip on my camera phone because I could risk getting my other camera wet and I forgot the I could zoom in so I missed catching that nice table Jeff did over the second pro set. I also kicked it with Jerry Landrum and Amanda Carr in this clip, check it out

jeff upshaw

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