Joseph R. Lentol, crazy al cayne
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NY Assemblyman Joseph R.Lentol (@assemblymanjoe) Loves The 2013 Skyway T/A

Joseph R. Lentol, crazy al cayne


50th District Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol was at the grand opening/press day of the Havemeyer Park Bike Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn. After the press conference he picked up my bike to a few pictures. He was loving the my 2013 Skyway T/A, I got a few pictures with him and me with the bike too. He was real cool and also did a quick interview about Havemeyer Park with me too. Video coming soon!
Below is a quick bio on Assemblyman Lentol:

Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol has represented North Brooklyn in the New York State Legislature since 1972. He is a lifelong resident of New York City, whose father and grandfather both also served in the New York State Legislature.
An attorney by profession, Mr. Lentol was Assistant District Attorney in Kings County prior to holding elective office.
Since 1992, Mr. Lentol has been Chair of the Assembly’s Committee on Codes, which reviews and evaluates all criminal justice legislation in the State. He has been Chair of the Committee on Governmental Employees, which oversees the State’s pension and employee benefits. In that capacity, Mr. Lentol presided over the State’s divestiture of its pension fund’s investments in South Africa. He also chaired the Assembly’s Committee on Governmental Operations, which monitors the operations of State agencies and departments.

You can read the rest about Joseph R. Lentol HERE

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