boondocks trails

#BMX Edit: Boondocks Trails Summer Slam by @dcforty4sixteen

My boy Dan Clifford did a nice POV edit from Long Island BMX hot spot, Boondocks trails! The jumps at Boondocks are so well groomed it’s like looking at a work of art, I need to go back 4sho! Below is the official description of the edit:

A small edit from this weekends sessions at the amazing Boondocks trails. Big up to everyone that made it a jump off!
The Boonies is a relatively new spot, but the way things ride, the grooves, the flow, the compactness, you’d think it had been there for so much longer. It’s an incredible spot, ran by some amazing guys. Thanks for having us!
You know what it is, no dig no ride. Brush up on your trail etiquette, lift a shovel, do your bit, and let’s keep this thing moving!

boondocks trails

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