“Militia Mousemask Murphy” Custom Toy by Ron English (@ronenglishart)

I spotted this dope toy called “Militia Mousemask Murphy” on ToysREvil and had to share it here! I love what Custom toy maker Ron English did with this piece and guess what ya’ll it’s available today on Ok so I came up with my own description for this toy lol check it out below:

What if there was a nuclear fall out which made the air unsafe. Disneyland became engulfed in toxic air and the toxins from the air started to burn through peoples faces. One of the worlds favorite characters became a victim of these toxins and his face had indescribable damage done to it. But with a little help from his scientist and whole lotta money our favorite, wholesome character became a lot less wholesome and changed his name from Mickey to “Militia Mousemask Murphy”!!! Spell that one Boys And Girls lol!


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