HipHop BMX DJ Kool Herc Skyway
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Crazy Al Cayne x DJThoro (@djthoro) x Skyway At DJ Kool Herc Wall In The BX

HipHop BMX DJ Kool Herc Skyway

My dude DJ Thoro told me about this mural of HipHop Pioneer DJ Kool Herc for the 40th anniversary of HipHop on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx and wanted to do a photo session there. So we got our Skyway T/A and our Skyway Team jerseys and got busy at the wall! It’s was really cool because DJ Kool Herc and Skyway are both Legends and back in the early 80’s that’s what our lifestyles were all about HipHop and BMX! BMX bikes with colorful Skyway Tuff Wheels was part of that HipHop style back in the day and me and DJ Thoro are bringing it back in a major way! Stay tuned for more photos and video!

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