bmx vs mx
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#BMX Cruiser Vs A Motocross Bike On A BMX Track, Say What!?

BMXer Gundars Osis and MXer Matiss Karro made this super cool video of them on their bikes battling it out on a BMX track! That’s right Matiss Karro rode his KTM motocross bike against Gundars on his BMX cruiser. Now at first the BMXer in me who hates when MXers destroy local BMX trails with their bikes was thinking “Dude is gonna destroy the track, this is blasphemy!!” But as someone who loves cool stuff I was excited to see the video and I was very curious to see how the MX bike would handle (or destroy) the BMX track lol 🙂
bmx vs mx
I loved watching this video and wanted to see more, this video is just as rad as that Redbull Rhythm Straight video that I saw earlier this week. These guys have to make another one asap!
This video reminds of that BMX/MX photo shoot in BMX Plus back in the 80’s but that was a little different. In the 80’s BMX Plus photo shoot they were at the trails, I believe it was actually some motocross trails but in this new one I believe it’s the first time there’s been a mash up with a BMX and Motocross bike on BMX track!


I always thought BMX tracks were too small for a motocross bike (And They are) but Matiss Karro did a great job of flowing through the track on his bike. That’s really dope!!
Now to all my motocross riders out there, this doesn’t give you the ok to bring your bikes to the local BMX track and shred it up with those knobby’s but with that said I’m wondering how a BMX track would hold up if a MX bike had on street tires? Huuumm.

At the end of the day BMX came from MX so it’s always cool to see these types of Mash ups!

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