strider Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson STRIDER (@StriderBikes) Balance Bike

strider Harley Davidson
The good folks at Strider Bikes are always making big moves with their awesome balance bikes and their latest major move was teaming up with the most legendary and iconic brand in motorcycling Harley-Davidson!! Strider is making a special edition Harley-Davidson themed balance bike to give it “the classic look of the most famous motorcycle brand in the world.”

“The Harley-Davidson® STRIDER is truly a special bike. The iconic Harley-Davidson® brand evokes an image of feeling the wind in your face on the open road. We know the trademark Harley-Davidson® orange and black STRIDER bike will help children develop that same feeling of freedom and fun.” – Ryan McFarland, Owner Strider Sports Intl., Inc.

I have to applaud Strider for their creativity and dedication to market and promote their brand. They’re one of the few brands associated with BMX that are willing to step out the box and try new and great things to get the word out. I can’t wait to see what they do next!
Check out the full press release for the new Harley-Davidson/Strider HERE

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