ghostface john o

John O (@JustJohnollie) Performs With Ghostface Killah x Sheek @A3C

So you’ve probably been watching the recent episodes of Spittin In DA Wip and keep asking yourself “Why does Crazy Al keep calling John O the 37th Chamber of the Wu-Tang Clan?”. All I have to say is it happened during the Epic Ghosface Killah show at the A3C HipHop Festival, watch the video to find out why! Oh yeah and that was #TeamEverythang member Tru Self getting booed lol 😉 I gotta give a super big Salute to my dude John O for ceasing the moment and getting everybody amp’d at the show. This was by far the best night I had at A3C ever!
See more photos from Ghostface Killah’s show at A3C HERE
ghostface john o

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