We Love The Elevn Stem, Super Light, Super Strong (@BMXRacingGroup)

elevn stems
When I was getting my Skyway T/A together I was looking for nice strong and light stem and came across the Elevn stem. I was loving that the stem was only 8.6 Ounces and it looked really dope so I got it. When I put it on my bike I didn’t have a star nut so I had to do so DIY compression thing to get the stem on tight enough so the only thing holding the stem on are the two lock bolts. I didn’t trip because I’ve seen a few park riders that rode around without a star bolt. I’ve been riding with my stem like this ever since and I haven’t touched it since. I’ve hit the track, trails, street, parks and I never once had to put a tool to it, these stems are awesome!
elevn stem 3

elevn_stem black

elevn stem black 2

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