mood palmer Superdeux

Toys: Mood Palmer by Superdeux (@superdeux) Is Cool!

mood palmer Superdeux
I’m loving this new run of exclusive Mood Palmer vinyl toys by French artist Sebastien Roux aka Superdeux! These awesome Mood Palmer pieces are 100% produced by Superdeux himself and they feature three bold styles – the Original Mood Palmer Blue or Magenta, as well as one- of-a-kind custom-painted characters. The custom pieces are limited to 100 signed and numerated toys, each individually painted by hand at the Secret Feature studio in San Francisco. Pretty cool!
mood palmer box-original-blue
Below is a little background on Mood Palmer:

Who is Mood Palmer? Mood Palmer is a doer. He doesn’t waste time speaking and lets his hands do the talking. The series captures the spirit of Mood Palmer as he is in 2014. Independently developed and designed entirely by Superdeux, Mood Palmer is the reflection of a can-do, the DIY attitude.

Mood Palmer green box

Mood Palmer is based on a character developed in the streets of Lyon, France by artist Superdeux for the Bopano/Fake Signs Exhibition in 2008. He has since been replicated in various art forms including a 60” fiberglass piece at the “Hard to be Humble” exhibition in Lille, France to screen-printed wood panels and 15” resin sculptures at the “I Wish I Could Talk” show in San Francisco. Mood Palmer makes his return in 2014 in a limited run of 300 5” vinyl pieces produced by Bigshot Toyworks.

Find out more about Mood Palmer on

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