DZR, Minna SPD Shoes Are Dope! (@DZRShoes)

minna 1
Now I’m not a clipped in rider and I doubt I’ll ever be but if I was I would picking up a pair of these DZR Minna SPD Shoes 4sho!! Not only do these shoes perform well the clip is recessed so you can actually walk in them. We I also like about these kicks are they actually look like kicks! They have a dope dressy style to them too. I wonder if their sponsoring any riders…if so all ya’ll BMX racers need to jump on it!!

Named in honor of our showroom’s grand, gritty alley, Minna St., with graphics designed by local artist and DJ, Jeremiah Bal, these sneakers are a most fresh homage to an original. All black, they will go with everything, everywhere, and take you back.~DZR

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Spotted on PedalConsumption

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